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Dr. Falk Bernsmann | Preusche Patent

European Patent Attorney Dr. Falk BERNSMANN, MSc (Strasbourg) studied experimental physics at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. He holds a Master of Science in Materials Science from the Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the Université de Strasbourg. He advises on the protection of technical inventions by European and international patent applications. Dr. Bernsmann is employed by PREUSCHE & PARTNER Patent- und Rechtsanwälte mbB.

Preusche & Partner Patent- und Rechtsanwälte mbB

Koblenz location:

Schlossstr. 1
56068 Koblenz

Phone: +49-261-160 003-00
Fax: +49-261-160 003-33

Bonn location:

Siegfriedstr. 28 
53179 Bonn

Phone: +49-261-160 003-00
Fax: +49-261-160 003-33


Admission as representative at the European Unitary Patent Court

2022 - 2024
Course "Law for Patent Attorneys", FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany

Admission as European Patent Attorney

since 2017 
Employee at Preusche & Partner Patent- und Rechtsanwälte mbB

2016 - 2017 
Patent Engineer at Hannke Bittner & Partner Patent- und Rechtsanwälte mbB, Koblenz

2010 - 2016 
Head of Research and Development for Medical Products at NTTF Coatings GmbH, Rheinbreitbach; main topics: Surface functionalisation with plasma and parylene processes of dental and joint implants, catheters and medical sensors as well as development of a urine crystallisation test.

PhD in physical chemistry; PhD thesis on the preparation and analysis of synthetic melanin in thin films and in polyelectrolyte films at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), Department 977: Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, Université de Strasbourg, France.

Diploma in Physics; Diploma thesis on mass spectrometry with principal component analysis on dental implant materials and adsorbed protein films in the Laboratory for Interfaces, Nanomaterials and Biophysics at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern.

Master in Materials Science from Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France

German, English, French